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Family Risk Assessment and Genetic Evaluation

PinnacleHealth Cancer Center’s Family Risk Assessment and Genetic Evaluation program assists patients who want to reduce their risk for all types of cancer, including those that can be inherited.

If a family member has had cancer, you may be wondering if you are at risk for developing it, too.

Through the PinnacleHealth Family Risk Assessment Program, a certified oncology nurse evaluates your risk of having a hereditary cancer to help you determine preventive steps and how frequently you should be monitored.

How Family Risk Assessment Works

  • You meet with a certified oncology nurse who evaluates your personal and family medical history and explains what role it may play in your risk for cancer
  • You learn about steps that may help you reduce your risks for certain cancers, including preventative treatments
  • Genetic testing may be recommended and provided based on your risk factors. You may receive physician counseling based on results.
  • You and your family may have the option to have a blood test to determine if you have inherited a cancer gene
  • You receive recommendations for frequency of screenings for cancers that you may be at risk for developing
  • All recommendations are shared with your family physician

What types of cancers have a genetic link?

Cancers that could have a genetic link include:
  • Breast/ Ovarian
  • Colorectal/Gastric
  • Prostate
  • Skin (melanoma)
  • Pancreatic
The Family Risk Assessment Program is offered through PinnacleHealth Cancer Center with offices in the Medical Sciences Pavilion at PinnacleHealth’s Community Campus in Lower Paxton Township.  For more information call (717) 724-6765.