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Inpatient Oncology

Our commitment to providing patients with the finest environment during their time with PinnacleHealth is of utmost importance. 

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This is a 16-bed inpatient oncology unit with an emphasis on providing comprehensive care with a high level of attention and compassion to the oncology patient receiving various treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and pain  management services. Patients in the diagnostic stages may be found on the unit, as well as oncology patients admitted with a non-oncology diagnosis. This is a place where patients not only receive a high level of advanced care, but also a comforting atmosphere that enables them to focus on their treatment.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care with a high level of attention and compassion to our cancer patients. This is a place where our patients not only receive a high level of advanced treatment, but also a comforting atmosphere that enables them to focus on their treatment. PinnacleHealth’s Oncology unit has a family and patient-centered environment featuring private rooms, a family lounge and a private consult room.
Our nursing staff is committed to providing you with excellent care. They have extensive training and experience as well as certifications in Oncology and chemotherapy. They also recognize how important it is to be attentive to our patients and families. We will continue to collaborate personally with our Oncology physicians to provide our patients with quality care that is synonymous with PinnacleHealth.