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Chest and Lung Cancer

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Your Chest and Lung Cancer Team


Advanced Lung Cancer Screening And Treatment

From diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, the lung and chest cancer team at the PinnacleHealth Cancer Institute offers you comprehensive and compassionate lung cancer treatment.

Our Program

From diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, PinnacleHealth’s lung cancer team offers you comprehensive and compassionate lung cancer care.
Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and targeted therapies are the main treatment options for lung cancer. A number of factors determine which treatment will be best for you, including the type and stage of your cancer, the location of the tumor(s), and genetic or other molecular characteristics.

Advanced treatment options include:

  • Surgery with the daVinci® Surgical System
  • Access to clinical trials

A Lung Cancer Screening Center of Excellence

Lung cancer screening saves lives. PinnacleHealth is proud to be a Lung Cancer Screening Center of Excellence. We focus on diagnosing lung cancer at its earliest stages when it is easiest to treat. We offer comprehensive screening services to detect pulmonary nodules or other indicators of lung cancer, which can be managed in our Pulmonary Nodule Clinic.

Our Nurse Navigators

PinnacleHealth nurse navigators are there to help you and your family. Whether you need information, education, services or just a hand to hold, we are there to help you manage your diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Each of our nurse navigators is an experienced registered nurse who specializes in the care and support of cancer patients and their families. We can help when:
  • You are newly diagnosed with cancer or with a recurrence.
  • You or your family have questions related to a cancer diagnosis or treatment.
  • You need assistance coordinating upcoming appointments, tests or procedures.
  • You or a family member are struggling with the emotional impact of cancer.