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Cancer Care

At PinnacleHealth we offer programs and services to help people with cancer, and their loved ones, manage their lives through treatment and recovery and find the emotional support they need.

Cancer Rehabilitation Program

At the PinnacleHealth Cancer Institute we are committed to providing a continuum of survivorship services, including cancer rehabilitation.

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Lymphedema Treatment

The Lymphedema Program at PinnacleHealth helps cancer patients manage their symptoms.

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Nurse Navigators

Information and support are important when you are facing a cancer diagnosis. Our nurse navigators are with you every step of the way.

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Nutrition Therapy

Proper nutritional support is critical for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. Nutrition therapy helps with the management of disease symptoms and the side effects of treatment. It also helps you maintain health and strength. 

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Cancer Pain Management

Controlling pain is part of cancer treatment. The care team at the PinnacleHealth Cancer Institute is committed to treating and managing pain. 

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Palliative Care

At the PinnacleHealth Cancer Institute our cancer care team is focused on the patient—not just the disease. Our team works with community providers to offer palliative care services to our patients who need help with the physical and emotional effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment.  

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Pharmacy Services

The PinnacleHealth pharmacy staff offers comprehensive pharmacy services for our patients. Not only do they provide life-saving medications, they help patients understand and manage their medicines and possible side effects.

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Social Services

At the PinnacleHealth Cancer Institute, specially trained social workers are available to help our patients and their families cope with the emotional, social and physical impacts of a cancer diagnosis.

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Spiritual Care

A cancer diagnosis brings up many complicated feelings for patients and their families. When a patient is struggling with spiritual concerns, a spiritual care practitioner can help provide guidance and support.

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Support Groups

Cancer support groups are a place to meet others facing similar issues, to give and receive emotional and practical support, and to exchange information.

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At the PinnacleHealth Cancer Institute we understand that your cancer journey does not end with your treatment. We can help you get the support you need.

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